Just a short post today, because I am proud of myself πŸ™‚

SO, I just did ANOTHER thing!
This has been quite the productive month for me.

First running.

Then starting back up writing my blog and actually reinventing it to be MORE than it was before.

Now I just signed up for my CEU classes for 20-21, and I chose the NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist course to add to my my NASM Personal Training and NASM/AFAA Group Fitness Specialist certifications. This will help me assist my clients/students more from warm up to recovery and dealing with any injuries, imbalances, and weak areas. I am excited to add this course to my credentials!

I also added a Mental Toughness Course, that is basically a Healthy and Fitness psych class for mindset and motivation. I think this is an important one for not only ME right now, but everyone as we struggle through this lonely isolated time. I mean, SERIOUSLY, do people without social media even have friends anymore? If you can’t get out, stay connected to other humans in some way shape or form. It is SO important! If you don’t already, connect with me on Facebook now! The link is somewhere on the Home Page. πŸ™‚

I also wanted to make sure to THANK few old AMAZING friends, and a few new BADASS friends have been helping me see that I might just be worthy of the more that I want! Thanks for all of your individual ways of encouragement! β€

You know who you are! Thank You! ❀

#NASM-CPT #runner #blogger #goodhumanbeings

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