Halloween 2020 Weekend Fun

I want to share with you the different kind of Halloween Fun 2020 had in store for me. It was actually a pretty epic Halloween, aside from having very few Trick-or-Treaters, which I usually love. But with 2020 being so “off” and many of us(ME) suffering from not only some depression, but severe loneliness, I want to tell you about getting to take part in something pretty awesome this weekend.

First, I feel the need to tell you that I hang out with some pretty cool people who write and are into some pretty dark, and sometimes down right frightening, shit. But they are also some of the coolest and least judgmental people I have ever “not” met. Yes, I am talking about online friends! As an introvert, Facebook Groups is where many of my Best Friends live. πŸ˜‰

I introduced you to Author Hunter Holmes a few posts back. He’s the one that wrote the Houndings of Hell that scared the bejeezus out of me. Yeah, well the party this weekend was for his friend and partner in crime on their joined Facebook Author Group, 4X Best Selling Author Dark Angel. I had only shared a few words with DA before this weekend, because, well, to be honest, for some reason he always made me kinda nervous. lol! He and Hunter together is hysterical, but I just didn’t know him very well, and believe it or not, I really am rather shy and introverted until I feel safe to open up. Plus, he is most well known for his poetry, and I have what my friends lovingly refer to as “Shiny Squirrel Brain”, and it lacks the concentration to understand deep poetry. So sometimes it takes me longer to understand his work, but when one does sink in for me, it grabs me deep in my soul!

Over the last week or so, in preparation for what I knew was going to be a weekend of FRIGHT at Dark Angel’s Halloween Trepidation, I read some of DA’s work. Including some of his amazing dark poetry, and started on his 3 part book Lost. Towards the end of the first day of the party, Dark Angel dropped a BOMB on us! The Event was ALSO a Surprise Book Release party!

And guess what? Said book, Akheron, A Collection of Horror Poetry by Dark Angel was #1 on Amazon for Poetry Anthologies BY THE NEXT MORNING!!!!! Not that any of his fans are surprised by this, but that is actually just……WOW!

So, if you love horror, are coming to enjoy it a little more like I am, enjoy good, dark poetry, OR are simply intrigued and need to see more, click on the picture to go to the Amazon link to buy the eBook. And BONUS, if you have Kindle Unlimited you can read it there too!


There is no greater hell than one created in your own mind. This is a collection of horror poems I have created to pull you into the tortured world of a demented mind.
These poems are woven in such a way that the innuendo and suggestions will wreak havoc with your mind and leave you questioning how secure we truly are on this side of the veil.

In conclusion, I would like to once again Congratulate Dark Angel on this amazing collection of Horror Poetry shooting straight to #1! And after my first read through the book, so far it is “Possessed” that has affected me the most. But like I have said, give me time to read them more. Sometimes the squirrels take over. πŸ˜‰

Don’t forget to click the picture to check out the book!

2 Replies to “Halloween 2020 Weekend Fun”

  1. I’m so glad you liked it! Possessed is a FABULOUS poem. I think The Exorcist is my favorite so far in this collection, but Possessed is right up there at the top with it. Or at least that’s how I see them today, lol. Tomorrow may be different!

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