A New Adventure

I know you have heard me talk about Hunter Holmes before. He is the outstanding author that got ME to read a horror book And YES, it scared the bejeezus out of me and made me start seeing scary things around my own house!


The view of the tower across the field from my dark bathroom in the middle of the night!
The hydrangea tree lit up by the Green Lights for Veterans on my front porch as seen from my bedroom window at night. Y’All do see the face on the left side, right???

*Just wanted those pictures in YOUR head too BEFORE I went on. You’re Welcome! HERE is the link to My book review of HoH so I don’t have to rehash it in my brain right now!

Now, back to Mr Holmes. Let Me officially introduce you to him in my blonde-rambling-roundabout way πŸ™‚

Hunter messaged me Sunday night and asked if I was interested in being one of Hunter’s Prospects! Hunter’s Prospects is his Street Team, which helps authors spread the word of their work. New, old and even upcoming releases and other products and events that they use to promote themselves. I was floored and ecstatic by his inquiry/invitation to me! This group of women has been working their way into my heart already, so I am honored to be working beside them to promote a talented writer and Hell of a nice guy. Don’t tell him I said that! He can be kinda ornery on his page.

He and his group really are amazing, and I would invite you to join his readers’ group on Facebook, but we are in Lock Down until December 12th! Yup, you read that right. NO newbies until the Lock Down is over. And we are having all kinds of fun while we don’t have to worry about frightening new people. LOL! Because as Mr Holmes says about joining our group, “Btw booze and or a chill personality is required.” And that comes straight from his Amazon Author Profile.

But seriously, if you are an open and non judgmental person who enjoys a little dark romance/action, with a chill personality, I would love to have you join us. Email me, bodybybrendat@outlook.com and I will invite you when the lock down in over. Until then, PLEASE come check out Hunter’s Facebook Author page Hunters’ Oubliette And check out his 3 released books (CoC 3 is in the works) here on his Amazon Page. All three are FREE in KU! Give his work a chance. You won’t be sorry!

NOW…the time I am sure anyone who know me has come.

Time for my emotional and sentimental BULL$#*T- as that guy I live with calls it.

This actually means a LOT to me. Besides my select few dedicated students and clients, not too many people have believed enough in me to ask me to help them with an important part of their life. And this? This is, what in my opinion SHOULD be a best selling author’s EPIC rise to fame! Thank You Hunter for letting me be a part of it. I am humbled by your acceptance, Sir and I BOW hats off to you ❀

You will soon be seeing this amazing new banner on some of my social media from time to time(Thank You Kristina Simkins!), because I am now, OFFICIALLY, a Hunter’s Prospect!

#AuthorHunterHolmes #IndieAuthor

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