Car But Not The Cargo

This one has been in my head for 40+ years. Just WHY!

But since this blog seems to be where many of my thoughts come to die, this is where I decided it would be shared.

I am sorry for anyone who actually reads and understands it.

Car But Not the Cargo

They told you, be safe

Don’t speed or take chances

But it was the car that got the attention

The cargo didn’t require second glances

Drove to the theater

Fun and laughs flowed easily

Soon it would become

Just a dark, horrid memory

Youth and innocence gone

Pride and confidence too

You took it all with one action

Because you were YOU!

You were supposed to love me

You said that you did

But why did you do it

I was just a fucking kid

I didn’t deserve your secret

I didn’t deserve your “show”

They cared about the car

But what about the cargo?

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