Staying Above Water?

Ever have one of those days that is not going bad, but could go better. Then something happens, and you think, “Yeah! This day is genuinely improving!”

And then BAM!?!

BAM’s seem to happen often around here.

Lately when the BAM strikes, I write.

Sometimes just getting it out of my head helps more than I ever thought it could. Thing is, it is not the positivity that people are used to from me. Sorry if I am disappointing you, but I have been burying darkness inside of me for so long, that I am about to either explode or possibly implode. And neither really sound like the way to go right now. I have more to do in my life and am tired of living it small!

So read it. Don’t read it. I’m honestly doing this all for me right now. This is my life and I need to deal with it how I feel I have to deal with it. And right now, that is one day at a time.

And today I am Drowning!

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