Demons – Fight Them or Accept Them?

A question I have pondered for years. Is it best to fight your Demons or learn to love your Demons? And by demons, I mean everything from my mental issues, to my internal pain and struggle from loss, to my “disability”, to the weight problem I have battled my entire life, to the evil that has darkened part of me forever.

I had fought mine hard for so long, that I had begun to feel like Sisyphus. But I believe that I have finally realized that I if I stop fighting the uphill battle it isn’t really giving up if I choose to accept the Demons and what they bring to my life. Learn to live with them. Maybe in acceptance we can finally live together in a sort of peace.

Because really…..would I be ME without Them?


I hear them again

They are always here

Whispering their wants and desires

Trying to change me

Trying to keep me the same

Be afraid

Fear the Darkness

Run far away


But why

They’ve been here when I was alone

They’ve been here when I was lonely in a crowd

They’ve been a comfort

They’ve held me up when I was sure to fall

Let them Go

Let them Stay

Does it really matter

There will always be darkness in the end

Accept and Love the Demons within

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