I was recently told to stop overthinking. That when I feel the need to write something, to just let it out, I woke up at 2:43AM this morning. I haven’t looked at this all day, because it kind of freaked me out. I wrote it in Note for Android. Saved it. Closed the app. And tried to go back to sleep. I tossed and turned the rest of the morning until my 5:30 AM wake up call came.

I had every intention of writing something totally different tonight. Lighter. more in the Christmas spirit. But scratched the idea and decided to listen to the advice of that person, and put this out there. These are the words that woke me up and had to come out of me between 2:43 and 2:56 am ON December 1st 2020. I think it woke me up because it wanted out of my head and into the world. So I am setting it free.


It comes so swift

A poke

Then burn

The pain

But oh the pleasure

Palm against throat

He takes and takes

But wait

There is also giving

Start to fade

Then comes the rush

Sweet death has come

Then the truth of reality

It’s immortality

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