January Fitness Challenge

This month we are doing 2 exercises!

Squats and Push-Ups


Don’t even go backing out before I finish! Y’All know me, and you know I am not just going to tell you to drop and give me 20! There are always modifications for EVERYTHING! See Exhibit A-

And if you can not do squats, you will stick with chair booty squeezes. I think we established in last month’s challenge that booty squeezes are no joke. lol!

So this will be a progression challenge again, as we will do more each day. However, since there are 2 exercises, and push-ups are HARD, we will increase the squats by 5 each day, and the push-ups by 1.

The calendar will be as below.

I will post on IG, my personal FB page, and the Body By BrendaT LIKE page each day. A daily done comment is required to be considered for prizes at the end.

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