How’s That Resolution Going? lol*snort*

Did I get your attention? lol

Did ANYONE actually make a resolution this year? After the shit show that was 2020, I think everyone is just praying that 2021 isn’t Round 2.

I know the fitness side of me should have hopped on board the “New Year/New You” train that all fitness people seem to do, but since I was trying to NOT die of the plague, I missed out,

But seriously. Resolutions are really a thing of the past I feel. People are realizing that they can make a real change any time they want. How’s next Thursday? You never know when that REAL sense of WHY is going to hit you and make you find your motivation. Because the only real motivation comes from within. I can “RAH RAH!” you all day long. Trust me, I’m good at it! Because I DO believe in people and I do believe in bring a cheerleader for anyone doing something that they believe will bring them ultimate health and/or happiness.

And I am not just talking about losing weight here. Health is NOT about a scale. OK, it sometimes has to do with the scale, but not always, and never 100%! I am also talking about your spiritual and psychological health and happiness. Even if no one else gets it.

And what about your professional happiness? I know I have plans and goals for this year. And they seem to be changing daily! Do you have any big goals? So you have anyone in your life who has shared their big goals with you and it made you want MORE?!?

Example- I have a friend who has BIG professional goals this year. Can I help him? I don’t know. I have certain skills that might lend him some favor. BUT. Will I be there for the next 352 days of this year cheering him on no matter what? Absofuckinglutely. He is my friend. I respect him. I respect his talent. And I respect his dedication and discipline. OK, I am jealous of his dedication and discipline, but that, I am trying to learn from him. If I can help anyone I know succeed on their journey to what makes them happy, I hope I am able to find a way.



In all honesty, for me, YES, My health is once again a big one. If you actually read this blog or follow me on social media, you know that I have allowed my unhappiness with a few things in my life, even if some are very serious issues(injuries, screwed up relationships, family deaths, injuries, menopause), rule my head for several years now. I have allowed myself to all but give up on MY health and fitness. On my goal of achieving and staying a healthy weight. On my goals of never feeling like a self-loathing failure, ever again, Of my desire to be truly happy! I lost me.

But the good thing about goals and dreams? You are never too old for a new one! Or even to rekindle an old one.

I doubt that some times. I have so many times avoided talking about my next birthday. I am not looking forward to being associated with THAT particular number. But I am working diligently on changing that mindset. That number does not define me any more than my past or my weight. I am so much more. And I have some amazing people in my life today that help me see that. Friends, old and new, that remind me that I am worthy of the great things I want in my life.

Besides……I ain’t no freaking Quitter!!!!

So I may not be making a resolution, but with my new mindset work, I am setting goals.

1 – Work on cleaning up my nutrition so that I can lose 50# this year.

2- Help others achieve their goals in any way I can, because that makes ME happy. Makes me feel good. And makes me feel like I have purpose.

3- Spend more time doing what I want vs what I feel I “should” do.

4- SLEEP and better self care. No one else is taking care of me, it is high time I started to myself!

So what are YOUR goals for the foreseeable future?

#MakeTodayGreat #StartWithOne #NeverLetThemSeeYouQuit #YesIUsedOldPicturesOfMeToMotivateMe

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