Alone With Monsters

Alone With Monsters

Where did you go 

You said it was ok 

You said there was nothing to fear 

I begged of you 

Yet you left me alone 

So shackled and chained 

I cried out again 

Would someone rescue me 

Would I lay here and rot 

Then came a voice and 

My eyes grew hot 

Someone came to save me 

Someone cared 

Then the light reflected off the blade 

There would be no saving today 

A washcloth for my cries 

And as the serpent licked me 

He looked me dead in the eyes 

No remorse at all  

Choking and gagging 

As I was made good as new 

I left that day 

Wondered if I could return 

Been missing 

But no one knows 

No one is coming  

You left me alone 

And the monster came 

Boo 1-16-21

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