Fight AND Flight

Do you see what’s happening?

She’s thinking of flying again.

Can she? Will she?

Not a chance

The turmoil is deafening and it screams louder each day

One step forward two steps back,

But she never stops trying.

It’s comical for us to watch failure after failure

Why does she continue to believe?

What’s this? What is happening?

I see that look. The determined set of her jaw.

We must keep her grounded.

We can’t let her take flight!

Where did that pride come from?

Why do they circle and protect the small bird?

She mustn’t fly.


What is that?

It can’t be.

She’s preparing for something.

Gloves are UP!

We are fucked!

She’s ready to fight!

#BabyPhoenix #GlovesUp #TakeFlight #NeverGiveUp #StayWithTheFight

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