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OK. So here we are! I have finished The Prospect: The Chronicles of Crighton |||

I also realize that people MAY think that just because I am on the man’s Street Team that they are expecting a RAVE review.

But those who know me, also are fully aware that I am NO liar! I HATE liars!

So here we go

Brenda’s Official Review:

This is by far the best work Hunter Holmes has given us so far. He has now tied together so many things that he left us questioning, all while leaving us craving his next installment in the COC Series! He is growing with each book, and I am so stoked at what we will see from him in the future.

COC3 picked right up where 2 left off, with a little HOH in the middle. I LOVED how he put it all together! Nice touch, Sir. He also brought his comedic side to this one a little more. If you don’t belong to his reader group, you may not realize just how funny he really is. This book brought a little more of that playful side out of him. STILL steamy AF scenes with Cage and his girls, but seriously, who doesn’t like a good adult scene occasionally? 😉

And he left us, once again, at the end DYING for more! Get ready for a FULL range of emotions on this one readers, because Hunter served them up HARD! See you again(Hopefully SOON) for COC IV.


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  1. Wow Brenda that’s a rocking review. I agree COC||| is brilliant, hilarious and added his usual dose of intrigue to keep everyone hanging on, we also got to see more of the comedic side of HH, I loved it. I cannot wait for the next book and I am on tender hooks already.

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