So this is a summary of my January 2021!

I know it takes change to grow. It takes change for improvement. Staying the same for the most part does nothing to improve our lives. We just simply are. We become stagnant and our light dims. I don’t want to just be a nice, normal, beautiful, spring day. Because as wonderful as that is, it is also 100% forgettable without something out of the ordinary happening on a day like that.

I am known to be a little positivity driven. And, yes, I do enjoy praise and loving emotions. Give me a HUG or Heaven forbid, actually show me that you CARE or dare I say LOVE me??? Yep, I become a mushy, dedicated attention whore who will do anything for you. LOL! But in all seriousness, that is actually a VERY good characteristic. BUT is has also bitten me in the ass by “friends” and people claiming to “love” me more than I care to admit.

However, THAT is also one thing about me I will NOT willing to change! Call me naive. Call me gullible. Call me stupid. BUT…… I KNOW there are good people in this world. I have met some of them. And I no longer, day in and day out, feel alone in this world.

NOW, I am pretty sure you know where some of this is going, but let’s talk changes in my life already in 2021!

First, yes, I had COVID. Tested positive on 12/27/20 after suffering from Christmas Eve through Saturday 12/26/20. It was touch and go for awhile. I felt AWFUL! I tried to downplay it as much as possible at the time, but I was SICK! I had a terrible time breathing, and worried about NOT waking up when asleep, so I fought it constantly. It was scary AF, but I lived! I was lucky!

And you may or may not also know that although I have been working at the same pharmacy for nearly 25 years, I “technically” I started a new job with a new employer as of 1/1/21. I am ECSTATIC about this fact. I am going to LOVE my new job! My new boss is totally AWESOME and the fiscal team I will be working with are all amazing as well. So YAY Me! lol

And here is where the REALLY sappy part starts. Yes, my emotions are making an appearance. I tear up as I write to tell you that even more special to my heart and soul….Hunter Holmes selected me to be part of his Elite team Hunter’s Sirens

And I thought THAT was going to be my highlight of January. But in TRUE “King of WTF” fashion…Since they are friends and work in tandem on Social Media already, last week Hunter partnered us up with the street team of the amazing Best Selling International author, DarkAngel! We merged to become a beautiful, stronger force in the Indie Book World and became the Labyrinth’s Legion!

Close your ears if you don’t want to hear it because here it comes. I am SO FUCKING PROUD to be part of this team. Not only are there some amazing women on this team, but they are passionate, creative, helpful, judgement free, and most of all, RESPECTFUL of the men we serve. That is very important to me. Loyalty, honesty, and being real with your feelings and representing only who you truly believe in. If I love you in any capacity, I tend to be protective of you. Some of my friends even call me a “Mother Hen”. I accept it fully. Because if I am proud of you, I want to see you have ALL the happiness and success you deserve. And these two amazing men deserve THAT level from me.

AND then we have the two amazing NEW graphics by Miss GQ for the overall Street Teams for our guys

OK, so you are getting my drift? You saw the new COC3 release post for Hunter. We are so proud of his growth and how truly amazing this book is, and I am honored to be part of the team that gets to promote it. AND again he made me cry, because my name is in the front of this book in the Shout Outs and Shots section. Yeah, I cried like a little bitch with a skinned knee over that one. lol! Thanks H!

And after the print release of Lost, which you will be hearing more about here soon,

DarkAngel started releasing print copies of His Poetry books!

First Akheron,

and then Dark Poetry Volume 1

And this weekend I decided to work on completely Re-Branding myself, my business, and my blog and website. I hope you like the new changes. ❤ They ARE my total heart!

Needless to say it has been an exciting first month of the year for me. And I haven’t even told you about my amazing new friend who is keeping me grounded through it all! She has a tough job, but we seem to have each others’ backs. Love You My Anam Cara.

So I sign off of this amazing month with a grateful heart. To those of you who made it such, up front and center and behind the scenes, Thank You! Know that I appreciate You.

#GratefulHeart #authorHunterHolmes #AuthorDarkAngel #AnamCara #GraphicsQueenGQ

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