Facebook Fun With Authors UPDATED


Things come up in life. And some times we have to change our plans. The Takeover talked about in this post IS still going to happen, unfortunately, Bossman, Hunter, will be unable to join us. But you KNOW the Labyrinth Legion, Prospects and Angels will all be on-site and ready to Party! And since many of us are SERIOUSLY FUN, we promise it will be a Good Time!

So I’ll see you at the same place at the same time. Just click the big picture at the bottom.

We are partying it up AGAIN!!!

This will be an AWESOME way to spend a cold “Friday Eve” this week! Nestled in with some of my favorite people. Did you know that I LOVE to snuggle? OK, so that was a bit random, but it’s ME, what do you expect?

Back to the Hunter Holmes and DarkAngel Tag Team Takeover! These are always so fun, and even if I have to work OT from open to close, I will NOT have to miss any of this one! WHOO HOO!!
So, click the link to join the group NOW, so that you can slide right in Thursday night!

These two make these so much fun. They definitely know how to throw a party! They are not only wonderful authors, they are wonderful humans.

Cum on! This is Funny!

Grab a drink – BUT, HH and DA Tag Team Takeovers come with a WARNING –
BE CAREFUL of your timing and WHEN you drink!
Because if you are like me, when they make you laugh, Irish whiskey HURTS coming out of your nose!
So come on girls, cross your legs and get ready to giggle and have some fun!

Click the picture for the link. Join the Awesome BestSeller & BestStellars Party Room Facebook Group. See you online with my two favorite authors and a bunch of my friends on Thursday night at 8PM CST!

#AuthorHunterHolmes #AuthorDarkAngel

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