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Promo in the below blog has expired. But trust me, it will still be worth every penny of the $3.99 it is now. But just a warning, once you read DA’s work, you will want to touch it, so the paperbacks will become a must. lol

I know some of you who follow my page are poets and/or enjoy poetry.
Do I have a wonderful deal for you?!?
You can get International Best Selling Author, DarkAngel’s Dark Poetry Volume 1 eBook from for a limited time, FREE from Amazon! What do you have to do to get said book? Easiest way is to click the picture below and follow the link.

IF you absolutely do NOT do Facebook, go to his FlowPage and look for the link to the book.

And if you would like to virtually meet the author, here is where he will be from 6-7 Central Time TONIGHT Friday March 12, 2021! Join me for Happy Hour! 😉

We also have a ton of other fun Online Events coming up this weekend and next week where you could meet not only Dark Angel, but some will include the one and only, from The Prospect: Chronicles of Crighton series, Hunter Holmes as well! coming up this weekend and next week. Here is a quick schedule

8-9pm ST / 7-8pm CST
L & ter 
TAKE ovze 
3/14 4-5pm EST / 3-4pm S
3/15 9-10pm EST / 8-9pm CST
BeauÜces are Celebrating! 
i eed 
March 15th 12 noon— IOprn EST 
B Crowhurst Danica Flyn n 
VS.B. Barrett 
Aurora Paige 
Skylar Mckinzie 
Emily Silver 
Kat Obie 
Melissa Ivers 
Kasey Kill 
Sofia Hahn Sage Alexander 
Tina Maurine 
Isabella Cassazza Amy Cecil 
Norma Marie J Lynn Autum Sophia Vincent 
Emily Bunney 
Eva Winner
J$unttr olmtS& 
3/18 5-10pm EST / 8-9pm CST

I will let you know when we have more events planned. This is a limited time offer, so their manager and Hunter’s PA are working double-time to get it out to as many as possible during this time.
I mean….who can pass up FREE???

#DarkAngel #HunterHolmes #IndieAuthors

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