International Poetry Day 2021

I can honestly tell you that until recently, I really was not a huge poetry fan. I might read one here and there, but I did not seek it out. It all changed when I met the work of DarkAngel. His poetry spoke to me. It reached my soul and brought so many emotions to the surface. I couldn’t believe how strongly it was affecting me.

Describing his work was best done on the description on his Facebook page.

Author DarkAngel brings us a combination of old world style with a teasing look into our darkest desires, our secret hearts, and worlds of his amazing imagination. Appealing to the romantic as well as the primal, be on the lookout for up and coming books, poetry, as well informative volumes on the subject of BDSM. Genres include: poetry, horror, paranormal, suspense, mystery, psychological thriller, and more. Come take a journey through his dark and demented mind.
“Let me slip you into something more uncomfortable” – DarkAngel 

So in honor of International Poetry Day 2021, I would like to introduce those of you who do not know him, to some of DarkAngel’s work. ALL of his books, social media accounts, and the link to order the beautiful handwritten poems are on his Flow Page

This one is from his Dark Poetry: Volume 1
This collection is an amazing introduction into the mind of DarkAngel. Here is an example of the beginning of the journey he will take you on –

In Dark Poetry: Volume 2, DA gets a bit darker and a bit deeper. An example from that collection-

That brings us to Dark Poetry: Volume 3. It dives in deeper and will pull emotions from deep in your soul. This is only one example of that collection, and one of my favorites. This one took me several readings to truly understand, but once the true meaning hits, the flood of emotions was overwhelming.

Then you have the BDSM Poetry: Volume 1. The raw sensuality that I found in some of these poems was breathtaking. Actually my very favorite poem from Dark Angel is in the collection and you have seem it before, because I wrote this blog about it – Acceptance
Here is another example.

And that brings us to Akheron. Dark Angel’s only Horror Poetry book to date. This one is amazingly thrilling, terrifying, dark, and deep all at the same time. This collection will reach in and show you the darkness. This is my favorite from this collection, and also hangs in my office.

When I met the Hunter Holmes and was introduced to DarkAngel’s work, I was also introduced to an amazing community of people. In that community, I met Kristin L Myron Gray, a poet who pours her emotions out in her words. Her poetry ranges from carefree and light to a bit darker and brooding. Here are just two examples of her work that you can find on her Facebook Page KLMG Poetry

There are many other poets that I have discovered over the past several months as I have grown my appreciation of poetry. Many of them right here on WordPress. I encourage you to find those who speak to you, and maybe someone will help you grow and bring you out of your darkness like DarkAngel did for me. So that is my International(or World) Poetry Day thoughts and ramblings. Please visit my friends’ sites and enjoy finding the poetry that speaks to you.

#DarkAngel #Poetry #InternationalPoetryDay2021

Feature Image by Aaron Burden on Unsplash

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