Self-Acceptance Guide

I know you may get tired of me repeatedly asking you to check out Hunter’s author page, Hunter’s Oubliette.
And you may not do it because you think that he is just an author that writes books with dirty parts.

You could not be more wrong!
have grown more in self-acceptance in the months that I have known Hunter than all of the freaking self-help books I have read over the last 30 years combined!

Exercises like the one in the following link?


They suck!
But he gets it somehow. And he won’t take any shit excuses like “I just can’t”.
Screw can’t! Sure, it is hard to focus on what you think of as your flaws and learn to love them because they are part of YOU!
Because YOU are beautiful.

So am I.
I wouldn’t have said that a few months ago. I have been battling my weight hard since I started early menopause, and basically have hated the way I look and myself. I am still not happy, but I am working on the changes I can make, and I am learning to accept what I can not change.

Thank You Hunter Holmes for being an amazing guide to self-acceptance that so many of us need, while still being every other amazing thing that you are.
I appreciate You.

Find Hunter everywhere HERE

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