April Fitness Challenge

We are going back to squats this month.

So each day, you will do the assigned amount of reps in either Squats or Booty Squeezes.

I include Booty Squeezes in this challenge, because I want everyone to be able to participate, and let’s face it…knees are a common issue for people, AND a common reason that people choose to NOT exercise at all. i aim to help present a solution.

So here is the B3T April 2021 Fitness Challenge

If we are not friends on Facebook, find me.

My page is Body By BrendaT – Phoenix Fitness Books and Biceps
I post a daily reminder there each morning around 6AM CDT
If you do better with a personal reminder and would like to be on the tag list, you will need to send me a friend request and a PM to add you to my daily list at Brenda Turnbaugh.

I feel the need to mention that the Mission22 Push-Up Challenge is something I am doing for our veterans and is NOT required to join this challenge. However the company or a donation is appreciated should you so choose. I will post that link in my profile and Like Page a few times throughout the month and update everyone on where my count is at least once a week.

OK, signing off, I hope you join me for this challenge. It won’t be easy, but I have faith in you and with a little nudge and accountability, you can do anything!

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