Have You Met Hunter? Day 4!

Like Horror Books?

Then it is time for me to introduce you to one of Hunter’s other personalities. The one that enjoys totally scaring the Bejeezus out of me! Yeah laugh it up, Sir! I know you are reading this and I know how much you enjoy it!
Proof –
I took this picture out my bathroom window AFTER I screamed taking a bathroom break while reading Houndings of Hell in the middle of the night. I sent it to Hunter and explained to him that the cell tower next door had just given me a heart attack thanks to him! He got a really good laugh from that one. mmhm

Give me scary movies all day! A scary book? My imagination is too good and Yup! I can freak myself out pretty good!

Anyway…although ME reading it in the middle of the night was probably not my best bet, this book was so good. He does make a habit of making you want to toss your Kindle, so be prepared! Yeah, his writing is just getting THAT good! Turd! lol
So here is your introduction –

🩸 Houndings of Hell
by Hunter Holmes 🦩
Viewers discretion is advised.
Read here: http://mybook.to/HHolmesHoundingsofHell
Cage gets attacked and ends up in the hospital. While trying to explain what’s happened to him, he gets flagged for psychiatric evaluation. Cage feels it’s a ploy. Even those closest to him try to convince him to return to the hospital to have more tests done, and eventually he does return just not in the way everyone would have expected.
Trigger Warning: This book contains references to religious aspects that the reader may find offensive; violence against people of all ages and genders; and the ability to cause you to use profanity and/or possibly cause damage to your reading device.🥃
You can find all of Hunter’s books and follow him here: https://flow.page/hunterholmes
Add to your TBR today: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/55456522
Add to your BookBub Wishlist: https://www.bookbub.com/…/houndings-of-hell-a-spinoff…
Cover & Graphics designed by Kristina Simkins

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