My Day -The Good and the Bad

OK. you may or may not want to hear about how my day went, but here it is!

Yesterday was my FIFTIETH FKN Birthday!
I am NOT accepting this well. But someone whose opinion I trust told me today that I was still kinda “OK”, so I am gonna go with I am not a total loss. LOL!

Anyway…ego neediness aside, I had a pretty good day. I have friends an family who respect my daughter’s birthday as a rough,
Yet celebratory day for me.

Mommas Coming Home

I WANT to be OK.
I just am not always sure I do the job.
My best is not always enough
I imbibe
I wallow
But I have also learned
I reach out
I communicate
I release the pain
I am ok right now
It is all so odd to talk about
For you don’t actually “exist”
to many people
But I will never let go
Those who love me most will
never let go
You, My Girl,
MEAN something to us
Don’t ever forget that!
A few breaths or a million
Life is LIFE!
You matter!
You are mine!
I love you
I love what you stand for in my heart
No matter what I have done wrong in my life
The 5 1/2 months I spent with you were not part of that
I Love You Baby Girl
Sleep Sweet
Until Momma Comes Home

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