Mother Hen

You are not alone
Feel that warmth
even when no one is around
That is me
Thinking of you often
I feel it when something is amiss
Knowing when you are off center
Candle lit
Energy sent
Arms wide open
Shoulders ready
Ears wide open
Mouth glued shut
Your words that need voiced
Do not need to be heard
Not by anyone but me
To the grave I will take them
Like many before you
I have been hurt
Cast aside
Used by many
Appreciated by few
But those who understand
Know that my heart has lots of room
I can hold your secrets
Please release them if needed
Plant them in my garden of trust
I will protect them with my life
Once buried here
You can let them go
I will tend them from here
And if you need to visit
Remember where they are rooted
Feel free to come back again
All my love, loyalty, and friendship my little chick
Your Mother Hen

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