Respect Our Differences

Stupid shit is said
From ignorance
From nervousness
Out of pure stupidity
Or even because of drink
I never mean to be disrespectful
I respect you more than I will ever be able to convey
Things have happened.
I fear lies may have even been told
Know that I may not always understand
However I do my best to learn
But I am still me
I don’t know your ways
I have never learned
My life has never followed that path
We don’t have to agree
We don’t have to be the same
But the utmost respect is there
I pray it is returned
I care for you
Probably more than you know
Lovers, family , and friends alike
I love HARD!
No ill will is ever meant
Things fall from my stupid mouth
I get wrapped up
Wound up
Saying things out of turn
Things I hope don’t affect
Our friendship on the whole
Because I mean nothing to you
But one hundred percent respect

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