DarkAngel Has Done It Again

I have been waiting for the release of this collection. And you know how sometimes the anticipation of something builds up so huge in your mind that when it finally happens you feel a little let down?

Well that is Not the case here!

I absolutely devoured this collection. Each one seeming to take over from the last as my favorite. Seriously, sometimes I think the man lives in my head. and just when I knew I was nearing the end, I think the last 3 hit me even harder! What If, I’m OK, and Couch Time are 3 of my favorites. And I’m sorry, but does that not sound like much of my life summed up in 3 poem titles?

I feel he did progress a bit deeper and darker in this collection, questioning things that I believe will make us all think. Some that we may never have answers for. Others still that possibly we don’t deserve fixes for or answers to. But as an eternal optimist I hope we try. As dark as my world has been, I still choose to see the light in the world. Even when I am perfectly aware that I am thought of as a silly dreamer. Without hope, what is the point of being here?

If you often feel like you are alone or no one gets you, please read His poetry. I for one am so happy I picked up that first book.

You can find all of DarkAngel’s links by clicking below or going to my Home page.

Dark Poetry :Volume IV cover designed by the super talented Kristina Simkins(GQ)

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