It comes from inside
It comes from the rhythmic beat within
It originated in my soul
Of my own free will it is put out into the universe
But it does not belong to you
It is my creation
It is my words
It is my work
It is my rhythm
It is my movement set free
And yet some feel a right to it
Like a molester takes his victim
Like a burglar takes his loot
Like a murderer takes a life
So they have the right?
Of course not
Then what right do you have?
I did not give you permission
To steal a piece of my soul
Find your own words
Your own creation
Your own rhythm
Your own gifts to share with the universe
These are mine
And when you take them
And call them yours
To do with as you please
No matter how brief
You my friend,
You Are A Thief!

Stealing another person’s work and calling it your own, or benefiting from it in any way without giving the creator his/her due is criminal in my mind. Choreography. Words. Writing of any kind. Music. A marketing idea. If you did not create it, it is not yours to benefit from as you see fit. Bare your own soul. Leave mine/ours alone.

Feature Photo by Evan Velez Saxer from Pexels

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