My heart is not always my own
I give it away freely
If I love you, I love you
You may be a friend
You may be family
You may be my one and only.
But no matter,
I love you with all of my heart.
How can I love you all? Some ask
My heart is overpouring
I only wish I could give more
I wish I could help you all
I wish I could be what you need.
I am flawed
I am weak
I am horribly broken
But I am here
I am strong
I am complete
As much as I can be.
For You.
Loyalty has no bounds
IF you are deserving
Hurt me and I will waiver
Trample my heart and I will fade away
That doesn’t mean there is no return
My love runs deep
My loyalty deeper.
Do you love me?
Does my loyalty mean enough?
Does my friendship mean enough?
Does my love mean enough?
I have lost my way
I have done my share of wrong
But I hope my wanting will bring you back.

I will keep trying.
I don’t give up easily
I pray that is evident
But I need you to bend.
Do not give up on me.
I need time to grow
Love, Loyalty, Friendship
The Claddagh is sacred
As sacred as any vow
Even the one I took before God
I am here.
I am trying.
I will go on with or without you.
I hope you stay
I love your heart
I feel it is rarely seen
But you mean the world to me
Tough love and all
I am blessed to call you Friend!

Boo 7-4-21

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