Music plays
Dancers sway
Laughter fills the room
Spirits flow
Cherries glow
Fun is hers to be had
She lets herself go
Truth is hidden
Hidden behind the mask
No one will know
Pain forgotten
If only in this moment
False light won’t come
The feeling of freedom takes over
Her smile is contagious
Beauty in her confidence
As fleeting as it may be
Life is breathed into the room
Her light lifts you
Your own grin grows
Excitement is in the air
Dreams of Possibility
Exuding joy
Striving to be perfect
Aiming to please
Hoping to inspire
And she does
In her altered state
One person is neglected
The guest of honor
Rest is required
Fresh air to be had
The gardens call
She illuminates the dark water
Her reflection
It all comes rushing back
The truth is near
Questioning returns
Someone might notice
An interloper focuses on her eyes
Don’t let the cat out of the bag
Keep your silence
No one else has to see
But the mask does come off
Darkness comes slamming back
The ugliness restored
Sadness again takes hold
Insecurities take over
The arrival of fear
She knew it wouldn’t last
It never does
All is once again lost
Alone in the quiet
The masquerade is over

Boo 7-24-21

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