The Deeper Battle

Place the blame
Not on me
Keep the truths hidden
No one needs to know
Tried to fix it
Tried to fix everything
Tried to fix everyone
Strived to be great
Now would settle for enough
It escaped again
Is there a way to win
Can I be whole again
Was I ever
People think they know
They look to the blamed
The real issues are harder to see.
You see, the biggest battle
is deep inside me
As my time winds down
I fear I will never come out on top
Podiums just out of reach
Medals not to be received
What little success there has been
Has flitted away
As I wait for the end
Am I destined, or doomed,
To never have this thirst quenched
Lost in the depths
The darkest areas of the mines
Will an escape route be revealed
Or the battle be lost
Greatest fear recognized
Lights ultimately fade out
Without ever knowing
The taste of sweet, sweet victory.

Boo 8-9-21

Featured Image – Photo by Lucian Alexe on Unsplash

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