You many have opened this blog post thinking that MAYBE I wrote a cheerful little poem about pirates. OK, let’s be real, if I had, it probably would have been dark and broody. LOL But even then, the answer would be a big NOPE.
I am raging hot this morning! And not just because I am sick and have a fever 😑 But because I am sick and tired of seeing my author friends lose revenue to book pirating sites! UGH!

I am going to give you a few, maybe unknown to you, bits of information.

1 – Independent (Indie) authors are just that. INDEPENDENT!!!

2 – What does independent mean in the author world? It means not only are they the talent, they are also the marketing, publishing, editing, proof reading, funding, and working on commission (read as – NOT PAID UNTIL YOU BUY THEIR BOOKS).

3- Most of them not only are writing (and doing everything in #2), but have FULL TIME jobs to actually support themselves AND their love of writing and publishing their work!

4- Being an Indie Author is like having a small business. Treat it as such! You wouldn’t walk into a small business and just help yourself to anything on the shelves and then take it out and pimp it for your own gain! Right? If you would, get the F#@& off my blog!

5- Pirating is not only illegal, it is immoral and those who do it are, in my personal opinion, HUGE steaming piles of CRAP!

So, in short….I am a HUGE supporter of the Indie Author World! Many of them have become acquaintances and some even friends! Their work is theirs! SO many are available in eBook format on KU for a monthly membership, or for a very minimal price on Amazon or B&N and probably others that are escaping my furious little brain right now. But I BET most people could handle the prices instead of turning themselves into a low life criminal POS thief!

OK, I am done raging and am heading back to bed.

Happy Reading! ❀

Photo by Jakob Rosen on Unsplash

Feature Image Photo by Zoltan Tasi on Unsplash

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