Remember Their Names

Our souls bleed
The rivers from our eyes run dry
You were the best of us
You made us proud
Leaving this world too soon
Terrorism steals more of our light
Together we pray
Your soul
Your families
Those still there
Those who will continue to fight
Fighting against the terrorism
Fighting those ripping our world apart
Today we mourn
Today we Honor you by speaking your names
Tomorrow we speak your names to remember you
Forever we speak your names to remember your ultimate sacrifice
Thank You

~Boo 8-28-21

11 men and 2 women.
Army, Navy, and Marines.
And let’s not forget the dozens of Afghans killed trying to get through the gates.
May they all rest easy.
Say their names and earn the freedom they died for.
U.S. Marine, Sgt Johanny Rosario (25)
U.S. Marine, Cpl Hunter Lopez (22)
U.S. Marine, LCpl Kareem Nikoui (22)
U.S. Marine, LCpl Rylee McCollum (20)
U.S. Marine, LCpl Jared Schmitz (20)
U.S. Marine, LCpl David Lee Espinoza (20)
U.S. Navy, Maxton Soviak (20)
U.S. Marine, SSgt Taylor Hoover (31)
U.S. Marine, Cpl Daegan Page (23)
U.S. Army, Ryan Knauss (23)
U.S. Marine, Cpl Humberto Sanchez (22)
U.S. Marine, Sgt Nicole Gee (23)
U.S. Marine, Ricky Thompson (21)

Thank You to Dbie for sharing this list with me.

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