September Fitness Challenge

Can you believe it is already time to give Summer a send off?

In the current Challenge Group, we were talking about the amazing support we offer each other. The motivation to complete a task when you have an accountability partner or group. That is what we do for each other every day on the Facebook Daily Tag post. So if you are interested in being part of that group, or if you just want to quietly follow along on my Like Page post, please contact me on my Facebook page. Click here

This is the September Challenge Calendar. So let’s say Good-Bye Summer and Hello Supportive September.

Remember that there is always a modification. And these do NOT have to be done all at one time or in one set. There is a gradual build up for a reason. That is why we don’t do the last day of the month count on day 1.

Another modification that I forgot to put in the Notes section, is that on HOLD Days, if you are struggling with that many squats each day, the HOLD is the focus here. We are working on balance and core control. Just alternate lifting your knees and holding them for 3-5 seconds. I have struggled with balance since having covid, so I often do these while I brush my teeth or downtime when cooking and just standing in the kitchen.

I am excited to get started with you!
Let’s Do This!!!!

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