Walls closing in.
Is there a way out?

Did someone close the only opening?
Does anyone care that I am in here?

Are my demons to win?
Will someone hear me?
Can someone save me from me?
Will they?

The evil demon lurks at the edge.
I am inferior.
Even more so than years gone by.
When I was JUST the misfit
Just the “crazy girl”.

I know what they said.
I was “crazy”,
Not stupid.
Will I ever fit?

Is there a place?
Do I care?
Chasing my tail
Driving myself to madness

Does anyone truly give AF?
Will they ever?
Is my world to forever be desolate?
Am I to forever be alone?

Will anyone ever get it?
I thought a few did.
But here I am .
Once again nothing.

Not enough.
Never enough.
Never measuring up.

Will I ever fit?
Is there a place?
Do I care?

Game Over
Last grain of sand
Final Buzzer
Semicolon or period?

Is it the end?
Or is the end just a
New beginning?

Is there peace beyond this crazy maze?
Do I have time to find the answer?
Before the Labyrinth swallows

me whole.

Boo 9-10-21

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