Is Going On Worth the Hassel?

It’s a little crazy
Don’t you think?
This thing.
Life we call it
But then we forget to LIVE
We drone on and on
Working for more
Wanting the best toys
Trying to outdo the Joneses
Is that what we really want?
If not,
What is IT?
Being the best?
Maybe we just need to be our own Best?
I will never be
can never be
anyone else but me.
God gave me THIS life.
Even though I often question it,
I am told that
HE knew I could withstand it!
A semicolon is what it is meant to be.
A pause
I have more to live
And a lot more to give
Both to you
And to me
Because the answer
to the question

Boo 9-18-21

Featured Photo by Ana Municio on Unsplash

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