Ride On

A glorious day
Birds are singing
Sun is shining
Happiness is growing

Time for a nice break
The weekend is here
Time away from the grind
Good times to be had

Or so I thought
The darkness is near
What is that heaviness?
Is it coming for me?

Tables have once again turned
The dark cloud is back
Hatefulness drips from every cell
And it cuts like a knife

Struggle. Sorrow. Pain
Don’t let the frustration win
Despair. depression. Sadness.
Negativity looms like a dense fog

Here comes the pain
Here come the tears
Here comes the mental anguish
Here comes the self torture.

The rollercoaster is not amusing anymore
It wears on the soul
Once shiny silver
Now dull and tarnished

The music has died
The happy voices quieted.
The lights are fading
More and more with the decent of each hill

The question keeps nagging
Refusing to go unanswered
Are you ready to get off?
Or will you ride on in the dark?

Boo 10-9-21

Featured Photo by Marcelle M on Unsplash

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