Enjoy Poe with Joe!*UPDATED* WE ARE LIVE!


I have something a little different for you all today. Many of you know that besides poetry and health and fitness books, I read a LOT of steamy romances. I also listen to a lot of audiobooks. And my favorite narrator is Joe Arden. Seriously, he has almost made my phone melt a few times.
*fanning myself*

Several months ago, Joe started a Patreon. I joined, because I was too curious what he was going to do with it, and I am always IFOMO! lol!
SO happy I made that decision! The community is great, and getting to listen to Joe not only work on this project, but so many other things, has brought me some smiles during this tough time in my life as I struggle to make sense of my direction. His Weekly Monday Mantras have been a bright spot that helped me many weeks.

I could go on and on about the kind of wonderful person Joe really is, but the main point of this post, is about the amazing Audiobook he is releasing on Tuesday!

That’s right! The Essential Poe According to Joe will go live this Tuesday October 19, 2021!
Pre-Order is available HERE!
Enjoy a portion of “The Haunted Palace” here-

I myself, have always enjoyed Poe, even though I struggled to understand some of it as I read it. But listening to it read in Joe’s amazing voice, was amazing! He really added to the experience and made Poe even better for me.

Teacher Friends who teach Poe, this is the audible you need if you have students who have trouble understanding. Or if you want to share some spooky stories from a literary master with you classes. Spooky fun and learning from the exposure to the Master of the Macabre all at once? Can’t beat that 😉

And for those of you who just love spooky stories for Halloween….He is releasing it just in time for you. Some of these stories still give me chills, add Joe’s voice and the feeling he adds to these poems and stories, and *shudders*.

Can’t wait to see my pre-order pop up in my Audible Library on Tuesday! Because seriously…How AMAZING is that Cover?????

Congrats on your first Non-Romance narration Joe Arden. You Nailed It!

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