The Super Fan

I see you
I am impressed by your talent
I adore you
You barely know I exist
You acknowledged me
Once in a crowd
I’d like to think I was special
But I truly know better.
In reality, I am aware
Of my insignificance to your life
But you still earned my respect
Am I just a silly girl?
Just another fan looking in?
At one time, I thought different

A friendship maybe?
Now I know that wasn’t a real possibility
And that is OK.
But know this
When I said I care
I meant it
I will continue to be your biggest cheerleader,

As you continue to share your talents
Live your best life.
And if you do ever need me
Just look out in the crowd.

Signed – A Super Fan

B00 10-22-21

Featured Image Photo by Edward Cisneros on Unsplash

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