Looking up at you
Looking up to you
You sparkle
You are the brightest star
In my Universe.
Yes, I am aware
I put you there
I don’t know why
I guess it is me
My fault
I am just a dumb girl
I don’t ever feel worthy
Worthy of more
Worthy of Better
Worthy of being a priority
I have always been a second thought
I have never come first.
Not sure why I ever thought I should.
To me you may be my priority
But in your eyes I am an option
And not even your first
I am but a blip
A speck of dust
In the middle of the desert
A face that you don’t see
Couldn’t pick me out in a crowd.
But no worries.
I’m not going anywhere
The couch has not freed me yet
I still need you.
You are still so much to me
Even though to you
I am invisible

Boo 12-3-21

Featured Image Photo by Thiago Matos from Pexels

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