A Good Day

Yesterday I was a little off
Out of sorts
Not Myself
Reaching out to ghosts
Fading away
Only the idea of them
Left in the back of my mind
I am sure they had a reason
A reason they disappeared
My pain may not have been the goal
But still the pain came
Normally I would overthink
Think that it was me
Not good enough
Never good enough?
But that is not where I am today
Today I am having a good day
Today I feel blessed and alive
Today I can see a light
The pain still comes
I will always care
A special place for you
Carved in my heart
But I have been hanging on too long
Hanging on to a ledge
That will no longer hold
The time has come
I am going to let go
I will fall or I will fly
Either way
Today I will be free
Today is a good day

Boo 1-6-22

Photo by Shadab 🦋 from Pexels

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