Storm Is Coming

Hiding behind the false sunshine
I can still feel the clouds
The fear is real
What will I be
Will I be able to go on
Once the imitation is removed?
I want to try
But I am terrified
I lie down and talk
I’ve worked hard
Will the darkest clouds return
What then
Can I survive another storm?
Lightening will come
A second strike may be the end
It could burn me to the ground
Dancing in the rain
Is something I miss
The clouds were not always bad
They provided a cover
Helped me be invisible.
The artificial glow served it’s purpose.
It is time for it to fade
The storm is coming.
That is for certain
But will I embrace the darkness
Or be lost to it forever

Boo 2-15-22

Feature Photo by Todd Trapani on Unsplash

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