Save The Children

I’m so super excited about this Absolute Poetry Anthology 2. My good friends Sheri Berezowecki-Lemay and Kristin Myron Gray whose poetry I have shared here before I believe, both have poems in this book. And it is their first time being published! I am SO happy for both of them! 🥰


Absolutely Poetry Anthology 2 has just been published in Kindle format! The paperback edition will be available from Monday, February 21, 2022. Here’s the link to all the international outlets including UK, USA, Canada and Australia. All proceeds will go to Save the Children global fund.

Amazon CDA

Amazon US…

Amazon UK…

Amazon AUS…

This is the Amazon blurb for the book
The Absolutely Poetry Group is one of the most innovative communities on Facebook. It provides a safe space in which writers from any and every background can come together to share their poetry, perform their work and gain instant feedback from their peers. Produced by the group, this second anthology represents the creative work of more than 70 poets from across 5 continents. Sales from the first Anthology (2021) raised much need funds for the international charity Save The Children, and this second volume aims to do exactly the same. The poetry is rich and diverse, covering a variety of styles and themes, and is a collection that will delight and entertain. The ages of the contributors range from 11 to 94 years. Each of the 178 poems in this volume was carefully selected by group founders John Rennie, Imelda Garcia, and series editor Steve Wheeler based on rigorous criteria.

Besides these two amazing poets, there are so many more from many friends in my Absolute Poetry Facebook group. There really is something that Everyone would relate to. For instance, today as I skimmed through a few, I landed on one from on of the editors, Imelda Zapata Garcia, called “The invisible Child” that ripped at my soul. We just have so many talented poets in that group. And each one brings a glimpse into their soul through their words.

Maybe if/when they release a 3rd book, I will actually get up the guts to submit one of my own. LOL!

So please order your digital and/or paperback copies today! Support my friends and support Save The Children ❤

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