Do you even know?
Do you have any idea?
How deep you went
How deep the scars
I am aware
You don’t care
But do you get it?
My pain is real
Each time I see you
Each time I feel you near
You can’t hide
Your persistent pain finds me
Do you know?
Do you do it intentionally?
My life is in limbo
I truly am confused
Do you intend to make me feel worthless?
You are doing a great job
But it really doesn’t take much
Those before you have broken me
They made your job easy
All you had to do was find my heart
My soft spot
I hate myself for it
But as they say
It is what it is
The useless muscle has no chance
I will perish in sadness
Never seeing true happiness
Why would I?
Souls like yours
Will always prey on me

Boo 3-4-22

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