Good Human

Tonight I Fly!
Fly because I do not care!
Not wrapped up tight like usual
It’s how I live my life
But tonight I FLY!
Most don’t know Me
Do You?
Am I the numbers chick?
The one most people see
Am I the Fitness Chick?
The one others see
Am I the fraud
That I think I am
I AM a geek!
I love my numbers job
I AM also a Fitness Professional
I am not always what I THINK
Others think I should be
Am I enough?
Probably not for many
Most days not even for Myself
But AM I good enough?
Hell Yeah I am!
Most know only one side
Very few know all
I cherish those that do
And still love me!
They are special
They are MY people
There are way too many “I”‘s in here
I am not the problem OR the solution
I am just Me.
Trying to be a Good Human

Boo 3-11-22

Featured Photo by Nguyen Dang Hoang Nhu on Unsplash

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