New Indie Author-Have You Met Alex!?!

I have kind of been in my own little world lately with being SUPER busy at work and still dealing with some health and home issues. My main focus MUST remain on repairing my post-Covid health, but in the meantime I am also promoting my fitness challenges keeping the hope alive of possibly restarting a class or two at the studio this summer, while still trying to find time to express myself through some, mostly bad, poetry. Where the hell did my flicker of creativity go?
Enough about me!
Today, let’s return to books and a, new to me, amazing author! πŸ™‚

It has been a LONG while since I have talked about a new author that I have found that I really have a feeling is going to be a special one to watch!
Today I would like to introduce you all to Alex J Adams. Although I only found her on Facebook a few months ago, I will say that she is not only an amazing author, but she truly appreciates her fans. Her author group is one that I have recently started to check in with daily Alex J. Adams – The Nava Dancers (the group is Private so you have to apply to get in. – Have to have a troll safety net these days.) Even on busy days when I don’t have time to comment, I at least try to peek in to see what she and her PA, Tom, are up to.

This is from her Amazon bio –

About Alex J. Adams
Alex is married and has three grown boys and two fluffy dogs. She lives in the UK and when she’s not writing about her dancing men, she can be found sitting down with cup of tea and a good book.
She would love to write full time and dreams of the day she can sit in the South of France, overlooking the sea writing about love and happy ever afters.

Click the picture for a link to her Amazon Author Page

Now, on to the books!
So far she has 3. She writes MM, so if that isn’t your bag, that is your choice 100%.
For me, I don’t care who is in love, a good love story ALWAYS make me happy, and I enjoy reading the journeys that people take to find it! Find your person and hold on tight!

The first 2 -“Dance With Me” and “Poles Apart” are in the Nava Dance Studios series.
I won’t get into them too deep, or I will go on and on talking about the characters and before you know it, I will have written a cliff notes version. lol!(I have a horrible time at book reviews, because I have a hard time summarizing my thoughts and not spilling into a ramble. UGH! SEE!)
Anyway…both are MM Romance with a bit of thrill and suspense with new revelations at every turn. And they are based in a dance studio, so you know I was in! The characters are fun and interesting, however there are also one or two whose eyes you will want to claw out at some point! I guess there HAS to be villains to have heroes, right?
And also, just be warned, some scenes in these might melt your kindle! πŸ˜‰

Then we come to Saving Ziggy! Which was actually the first book of Alex’s that I read. And let me tell you, not even halfway through, I was so attached to the main character, that I was ready to hurt someone for hurting him! I wanted to wrap him up and hide him away from the dark world he had come to know. And if you keep reading, you will meet a mom in there that, if you know me personally, you will just KNOW that she and I could be best friends! lol! Seriously, you HAVE to meet Pat. She is one of my most favorite supporting characters EVER! And if you knew my Mom, Pat…you can SO picture her doing some of the things this Momma Pat does. ❀

I am positive there are more wonderful characters living in that wonderful brain that lives in Alex’s head, and I for one can’t wait to meet them.

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