Anxiety of an Introvert

They invited me
In theory, I want to go
Dig deep
Find the courage
Self pep talk
I am doing it
I tell myself
I am going
I have nothing to fear
But is it real?
Maybe I should stay in
Would I really be missed
Would anyone notice
Panic has arrived
If I am going, I need to leave
I need to walk out the door
Will it be worth it
Worth the fear
Worth the anxiety
Take a few deep breaths
Go and TRY to have fun
Pull into the lot
I’m here
Time to do this
Get out of the car
Walk to the door
Go in
It’s crowded
There they are
Smiling and waving
You did it
And you lived
Do your best and
Enjoy your life!

Boo 3-26-22

Feature Photo by Quasi Misha on Unsplash

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