DA is BACK!!!

It has been a rough year(or 2 or 3) for so many of us. Authors included. Many of you know that I share a lot in the book world on Facebook for DarkAngel.

Well, I got some awesome news tonight! He is ready for a widespread Re-Launch/Comeback of sorts! And he is going to start focusing more on TikTok(and YouTube)! He wants to interact, share, and teach more.

Here is a favorite of mine from his current TikToc page. Check it out and add him to your follow list.

His talents amaze me! His poetry has been life changing for me in a good way. His novel Lost was an absolutely, up to the last page, edge of your seat book. And don’t even get me started on how much I want to see Part 2 of Taken and Her!
Also, if you are into or interested in what the true bdsm lifestyle is about, he will be doing some teaching on that too. And he is a great teacher who will tell you straight and not try to embarrass you for your question. I do not live the lifestyle, but I have learned so much that I had wrong, from both DA and Hunter Holmes. Is it for everyone? No. Would it ever truly be for me? Probably not. But I do find the truth very interesting. Because I actually thought certain popular “kinky books” were what a REAL bdsm lifestyle was like. I have found out that I was greatly mistaken.

So, be on the lookout on my blog and on my social if any of this interests you.

Follow the clip above to like DarkAngel’s TikToc channel. His YouTube channel will be getting some love next, so keep an eye out!

Until then, go to his flow page or the links at the Home Page on this blog for more updates.

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