August 2022 Fitness Challenge

It has been another quiet month from me. Back on June 16th, I hurt my back, and if you know my history with back issues, surgeries, and lumbar fusion, you can guess that it has made for a stressful time for me. Finally got sent to PT, and although that seems to be helping a lot, I am still rehabbing the SI joint issue and the subsequent piriformis syndrome that resulted because of it being out for so long before the therapists started gentle manipulation and tweaks to the stretches to help them work better.

So what does that mean for the August Challenge?
It means we are going to give our core some love this month. The rest of our bodies will get some too, but every other day, will be very core focused. It is good for my rehab, and core strength is good for EVERYONE!

Here is the full calendar, and be sure to join me on my Facebook page –
Body By BrendaT – Phoenix Fitness Books and Biceps for daily reminders. Make sure to manage your settings to get All Posts so that you have no excuse as to why you missed it πŸ˜‰

I planned to do a demo video, but the day is getting away from me, and I am not sure if I will get it and everything else I still need to do done before bedtime. lol!
When I do finish it, I will upload it to YouTube and attach the link to the daily posts and update this post.

Have an Amazing August!

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