October 2022 Fitness Challenge

WOW! I MIGHT get this done before October actually starts! LOL

Sitting in a hotel room in Lexington, KY, and I just did the demo video in jeans that kept slipping down, and my hair in a rooster knot . *face palm* Too lazy to change twice πŸ™‚ But honestly, I don’t have time. I have 32 minutes to finish this, and the video is only 60% loaded as I type. And I had to film it vertical because of the space I had to deal with. UGH! I hate running behind!

And as always, I will be doing a Daily Post reminder on my Facebook page.

Hope you join us!

And if you want the Tabata workout or the stretch video that I did previously, I have included them here. Let’s have a Wonderful October!

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