Beginning 2023 with a Positive Bang!

Beyond just doing the normal January Challenge Post, I wanted to wish you all a Happy New Year!

Let’s start by being thankful for the good things in 2022, and saying goodbye to the negatives. Don’t take any of that negativity into the new year with you.

So think about things that you are grateful for that happened this year and celebrate them. Things that have caused you negativity or pain, write them on a piece of paper and set them ablaze! Don’t even give them a chance to hold on to you for another second, let alone another year.

Let this be your clean slate. Think of it as a brand new journal. In fact start one if that is something that could help you. But it is 365 days of blank paper. YOU get to write your 2023 story. Fill it full of love. All kinds of love.  As my very amazing friend Joe Arden says, “Love love. Hate hate.”  Leave the hate behind. I have my own personal things that I am going to be doing my best to leave behind.  And I am ready to make room for all of the happiness that I have been missing.

FIRST, here is your January Fitness Challenge!

I know many of you who follow me for my fitness stuff, know that I have really struggled the last few years with my own health and weight. I made the decision to start an Accountability Group on Facebook to help me and any friends who just need someone or some someones to talk to when you  feel like giving up, or just a daily, “I DID IT!”

I myself will be being a little more personal than I really am comfortable with, but only because that group will be 100% private to ONLY the people in that group. We can be there for as much interaction as you are looking for. Or, as long as you say Hi once a week or so, you can be there just for the positivity and motivation and inspiration. But I, along with the other members will also be there for support. If you wish to be part of this group, ask for an invite by sending me a friend request and a message to Brenda Turnbaugh on Facebook

I will add the videos that include the exercise demos sometime tomorrow afternoon. Day 1 is a Rest Day, so that gives me a little more time to have a bit of fun tonight 😉

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