March 2023 Fitness Challenge

WOW! I cannot believe how fast this year is going already. I didn’t even realize that I had not done a post for 2 months! I’ve made this year a little more about me, and my health(both mental and physical) along with really working on my relationship with my husband. After 30+ years together, our relationship deserves to be fought for a little bit harder.
BUT, that means I am not spending as much time on social media, and not writing at all! Sometimes I think of an idea for a post or a poem, and I will think, I should go sit and write. And all of a sudden time has gotten away from me. Time seems to speed up faster and faster as the days, months, and years go by. I cannot fathom that I am going to be 52 in just over a month. I mean SERIOUSLY!?! When did that happen? lol

Anyway, I have gotten a bit off topic. Exercise is something we all need to do. We all need some type of purposeful movement in our daily lives to keep us healthy. And the older we get, the more we need it. Maybe not the same type of intense cardio and iron slinging workouts that we did in our 20’s-early 40’s, but getting in some extra steps and a little light resistance training will get you farther ahead than you would think.

The light resistance training is where my little monthly challenges can come in. 🙂
Here is this months calendar –

And here is the very quick demo video I did tonight with crazy MommaCat doing her thing in the background, LOL!

I hope you join me on Facebook for a daily check in and we can keep each other accountable.

And remember, “If you want to soar in life, you must learn to F.L.Y. (First Love Yourself).” – Mark Sterling

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