20 Years Later

Today marks 20 years since the day my Mom passed away. I remember working in the yard and Tony screaming out the door for me to come quick. My Dad had just called and said something bad happened to Mom and to get there quick. I jumped in the car and headed to his house. She was gone by the time I got there. She was GONE. And my heart was broken.

I started to question everything. I had 6 weeks until my wedding, and she left me alone. A girl is supposed to have her Mom to help her prepare for her wedding, right? 😥

The date was set. T and I married on what should have been my parents’ 45th Wedding Anniversary. I couldn’t give up the date. She was there. My amazing sisters stood in her spot, but she was very much there for us.

She will forever be the best friend I ever had. We got through a lot of sh–tuff together, And with the strength she passed on to me, I have tried to be someone she would be proud of.

I Love You, Mom! And I hope I make you proud.

Remembering You

Singing in the kitchen
Dancing anywhere
Never meeting a stranger
Always a kind word
A kind and gentle smile
A contagious laugh
A shoulder to cry on
A lap even at 20
Overflowing love
Unending zest for life
Dedication to the joy of family
Beautiful soul
Left too soon
Cracks in my heart
Best Friend gone
Missed hugs
They were the best hugs
Grieved forever more
Gone but NEVER forgotten
Lives on in so many touched lives.
So many amazing memories
See you again someday
I love you Mom!

Boo 3-9-23

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