See You Soon

I woke up today
You again did not
For the 12,418th day
It’s been 34 birthdays
Each one as heartbreaking as the last
But I will see you soon
Time, painfully slow as it sometimes seems
Actually passes in the blink of an eye
Days can feel like decades
Yet years can feel like moments
Only yesterday, it seems
I left the hospital alone
I was told Jesus needed you more
I believe your soul was simply
Too beautiful for Earth
You made me a Mom
I will always be your Mom
And proud to be
I just wish sometimes
You could have spent more time with me
The timing is out of my hands
He will tell me when
When I will once again
See my beautiful baby girl
Yes, that you will always be
No matter the few or many moments
But I pray for a day
That I will, too, hopefully find myself
In the place of pure love
All I can say is…
Well, all I can hope is
I Will See You Soon

Boo 4-10-23

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